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About Us

Across Australia, professionals are working to maintain and improve their waste management services. But waste management is changing.

This utility is no longer just about sanitation. Rather, 21st century resource recovery professionals are working to create a circular economy. Along with all the vast benefits implied by this new paradigm, there are also many challenges.

This critical shift means great technological, regulatory and infrastructure change. Skilled professionals will continue to educate themselves as these changes take place.

In the context, Resource Recovery News is a new service designed to help you do your job better. Our goal is to become the best business publication covering Australia’s emerging resource recovery industry.

Here’s how we can serve you

  • Visit to read our daily news updates.
  • If your organisation is launching a new initiative, please send us your media releases.
  • Sign up for our weekly email updates (at the top of the site - no spam, ever).

Resource Recovery News is funded by marketing. Along with our industry news, we provide suppliers or interested parties an opportunity to promote their products and services.  

These offers will be placed along with our news and they’ll always be labelled. If you’d like more information about our marketing service please see our Media Kit.

Most importantly, we welcome feedback from professionals on this new service.


Alex Serpo
Director & Founder, Resource Recovery News