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Alex Serpo's blog

Educating for recovery

Long term environmental protection requires more than just resource recovery, it also requires cultural change.

Australia has more than 500 active landfills, and hundreds more which are closed and require remediation. The vast majority of these landfills are owned by local government, meaning that in many cases, the long-term burden of remediating these sites falls to the communities in which they operate.

Are you prepared for a disaster?


The burden of a natural disaster means recovery should not be solely carried out by those immediately affected.

While society has always faced the challenge of natural disasters, only recently have resource recovery professionals begun to take a proactive approach to disaster waste management planning - rather than simply reacting to a disaster.

Lifting the standard on residential hard waste collection

The City of Stirling, in partnership with SUEZ, has created a faster and safer way to undertake residential hard waste collections.

As Perth’s most populous local government area, the City of Stirling is no stranger to garbage. The city’s kerbside services are offered to more than 220,000 residents, who produce more than 100,000 tonnes of municipal waste materials per year.

APC to become a public company

The Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) is preparing to re-invent itself as a public company.

The APC is a not-for-profit industry association which works to reduce the environmental impact of packaging. The organisation was founded in 1999 and has traditionally been funded by both industry and government.


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