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Accurate weights for every lift & load

Garwood International is now offering load cells, accurate to licenced for trade standards, across its range of compactor bodies.

Via a partnership with Vehicle Weigh Solutions (VWS), the new load cells can offer an accuracy of 0.5% or better, without interrupting the normal loading cycle.

The VWS EnviroWeigh system allows for the weight of individual bins on either front or rear lift configurations, while the VWS LoadWeigh system measures gross weight via axel monitoring. The LoadWeigh system is available in both four or six point configurations.

The technology solves common problems, such as the rejection of overweight bins, while also providing detailed data on profitable and unprofitable customers. Aggregated, this data can also provide important insights into the performance of each collection route.

Both systems can also be GPS integrated, allowing for lift and axle weight data to be combined with customer locations, bin RFID information and route data. Finally, this data can be used to monitor overall vehicle weights for the sake of on-road legal compliance.

The load cells can be fitted to a Garwood’s complete range of rear-load compactor bodies, including the Bantam, Compact, Powerpact and Maxipact - along with the unique DualPact and the award winning Miner.

The bin and axle scales can be integrated into a comprehensive waste logistics platform, combining GPS, weight and compliance data.