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AnaeCo’s WA facility ready for handover

AnaeCo will handover the operation of the Shenton Park energy recovery facility following the project’s completion.

All parties agreed to modified terms for completion and will exit the facility on 15 April 2016.

Handover will commence after AnaeCo and venture partner Monadelphous complete a short-list of tasks and demobilize from the facility.

It was determined that performance trials were no longer required and the defect liability period will be completed by the exit date.

AnaeCo will work in transition with the owner’s new operator to ensure the plant is running to capacity before exiting.

An experienced NSW waste-to-energy operator has been awarded the operations and maintenance contract by owner Brockwaste.

Located at the JFR McGeough RRF transfer station, the $120 million facility is run on behalf of the Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC) and processes 55,000 tonnes per year.

The facility is also one of only two anaerobic digesters dedicated to processing MSW in Australia.

The plant is also the first application of an Australian developed technology, by incorporating AnaeCo’s patented organics recycling technology, the DiCOM bioconversion process.

It combines the processes of anaerobic digestion and composting to extract the maximum value from resources by producing both renewable energy and organic fertiliser.

At capacity, the plant offers a permanent connection to the electricity grid of 1.2 MW of combined heat and gas power.

Retrofitted to an existing transfer station, the DiCOM facility has a footprint of only 2000 square metres - making it easily Australia's most compact AWT.

AnaeCo will use the completion of the Shenton Park facility as a reference point to drive the marketing of its technology, knowledge and experience.