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Fifteen years of work - AnaeCo comes to life

The unique AnaeCo DiCOM plant in WA's Shenton Park is slowly bubbling to life after 15 years of design, planning and negotiation.

Established in 1999 and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2004, AnaeCo is a WA based company which has developed a unique Alternative Waste Technology (AWT). Known as the "DiCOM plant", the facility is now operational in Perth's JFR McGeough Resource Recovery Facility.  

Built at a cost of $120 million, the DiCOM plant services the needs of the Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC) and the City of Sterling, who collectively have contracted AnaeCo to process 55,000 tonnes per year.

Retrofitted to an existing transfer station, the DiCOM facility has a footprint of only 2000 square metres - making it easily Australia's most compact AWT. It uses mechanical separation to extract recyclables before alternating anaerobic and aerobic digestion to extract methane and fertiliser from the remaining organic fraction.

The facility produces biogas, an AS 4454 certified compost and recyclables. The entire batch process takes 25 to 30 days, with AnaeCo claiming landfill diversion rates of between 70-95%.

AnaeCo have now announced that both the facility's MRF and its anaerobic digesters are now accepting materials on a commissioning basis, and hope to bring the facility up to full capacity in the next 18 to 24 weeks.

The AnaeCo plant is owned by funds manager Palisade Investment Partners, who also own the Global Renewables UR-3R in Sydney's west - Australia's biggest AWT. The DiCOM plant is WA's second AWT and the state's smallest, behind SITA's Neerabup BioVision ARRT facility located roughly 30 kilometres north of Perth's CBD.

AnaeCo's DiCOM facility is a unique Australian technology, combining a high recovery with a tiny physical footprint.