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Keeping capital equipment moving

Liebherr-Australia maintains a national support network to keep equipment moving.

As a leading supplier of equipment for bulk material handling, the company works with customers across Australia - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Liebherr's Australian customers include C3 Limited, a multi-national logistics company. C3 offers product handling for all import and export requirements - including consolidation, bulk storage systems and inter-wharf cargo transfers.

One component of C3's business is timber handling. Every year, C3 handles around 30 million logs and 3.5 million tonnes of forest products.

This year, C3 chose Liebherr-Australia as their supplier for plantation timber handling, including the loading and unloading of trucks and wagons.

The contract included the supply of two LH 40 Material Handlers and a L 580 Wheel Loader, all equipped with timber handling grapples. C3, whose staff were already familiar with Liebherr equipment, sought machinery which was both reliable and economic.

The machines, which run on only 16-17 litres of fuel per hour, gain their efficiency via best practice engineering and the use of Liebherr's energy regeneration cylinders.

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    Liebherr said the key to securing the partnership with C3 was its ability to provide national servicing, support and training.


Training and warranties

Liebherr said the key to securing the partnership with C3 was its ability to provide national servicing, support and training.

Liebherr's Australian staff described how every machine supplied came with 2,000 hours of full machine warranty. Beyond the first 2,000 hours - a further 5,000 hour warranty is provided on all power train parts. Both warranties are provided as standard.

Regarding operator training, Liebherr said it offered tailored support to each new customer, with up to three full days of training available to new operators.

All Liebherr's machines are also certified to Stage IIIA/Tier 3B emissions standard, a leading international standard for exhaust emissions. This standard is highly valuable for operators who use bulk handling equipment indoors, especially recycling companies. 

Ongoing support

Beyond the initial warranty provided on all Liebherr equipment, the company also works with customers to minimise downtime.

Liebherr has service centres in every Australian state and territory, and recently opened a new headquarters and dedicated service centre in New Zealand. As Liebherr holds stock at its centres, the company is able to supply both parts and replacement machinery to the market faster than its competitors.

This means that Liebherr can support its customers through growth, with machine servicing, parts and support available 24/7. New machines are often available within a month.

All Liebherr machines also come equipped with the Liebherr Data, or LiDAT System, which provides information on a machine's operational time, fuel consumption and servicing needs. It also maintains a geo-position of the machine - ensuring security and reducing insurance costs.

Confidence across the equipment lifecycle

Liebherr-Australia's support, training and technology is designed to minimise cost and maximise control for capital equipment intensive industries.

Using its international expertise and national footprint, Liebherr works with its customers to ensure lowest the cost and highest throughput over the lifetime of its equipment.

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