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The LH 22 - cleaner, faster, safer

Learn how Enviro Recycling worked with Liebherr-Australia to implement the best available technology for resource recovery.

Based in Sydney, Enviro Recycling is a recently established construction and demolition (C&D) recovery business aiming to provide its customers with exceptional service while reducing pollution and preserving resources.

The Revesby based business was founded by Bruce Fordham who is currently serving as its Managing Director.

As a new business, Fordham went to market seeking technology with the lowest lifetime cost and the highest operating efficiency - without sacrificing the service Enviro Recycling provides its customers.

In order to solve this problem, Fordham partnered with Liebherr-Australia for the provision of an LH22 material handler for onsite stockpile handling, loading and sorting.

The 22-tonne LH22 is the smallest of Liebherr's material handler range, which includes close to 20 models ranging from 22 to 150 tonnes.

As a global company, Liebherr uses its resources to optimise all its material handling equipment to the highest standard with the aim of always working towards higher efficiency, speed and safety. 


The basic premise of all material handlers is the same - they are the most efficient and safest means available to load, transfer or manage material stockpiles. Operators deploy them as specialist equipment to do theses job better.

Beyond this premise, Liebherr has used its global leverage to optimise its equipment, using large development budgets to implement leading technologies.

For example, Liebherr's material handlers come as hybrids, where a nitrogen cylinder equipped to the boom stores energy when the boom falls, offering regeneration when the boom is lifted. 

The LH22's intelligence comes via the LiDAT tracking system. LiDAT fleet management technology means all machine data is available - including the positioning of machines, periods of operation and use, fuel consumption and service intervals.

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    The raised cab available on material handlers means vastly improved visibility, and therefore safety.
  • #Liebherr-Australia, #material handling, #LH22, #transfer station, #scrap, #C&D, #recovery, #sorting, #Enviro Recycling, #NSW,
    Liebherr material handlers get their speed from precision, not power.



Liebherr material handlers get their speed not from power, but from precision. Operators can move materials faster because the LH22 is responsive, manoeuvrable and offers the maximum control available from diesel-driven hydraulic equipment.

On site, this means an operator can remove a gas bottle or fire extinguisher from a stockpile without getting out of the cab.

The material handler can also be used for sorting, with the LH22 purchased by Enviro Recycling equipped with a specialist sorting grab. This means unprecedented levels of precision.

"You can pick a piece of string out of a pile with the sorting grab," explained Liebherr's Australia's experts.

Another often forgotten element of speed is downtime. Liebherr-Australia offers 24/7 on site support to all its customers. Further, solid fill tyres as standard eliminate blowouts.

This is critical for a machine which works 14 to 20 hours a day.


Accidents happen when operators are unaware of danger. So to maximise safety there must be maximised operator awareness.

As material handlers have a hydraulic cab, operators are able to see over stockpiles, barriers and into trucks when loading. This removes the need for a spotter, exiting the cab or blind dipping into material stockpiles. When stopped, outriggers guarantee a safe working platform.

Meanwhile, all Liebherr equipment meets the stage IIIB / Tier 4i emissions standards, meaning less particles and toxic emissions. This becomes critical when working in indoor environments.

It may soon also be a legal requirement, with the NSW EPA currently consulting to adopt these standards for all on site diesel equipment.

Beyond being more fuel efficient, safety is the most important feature of Liebherr's material handlers. This is because capital equipment is just a tool to support the most important resource recyclers have - people.

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