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New waste and recycling council formed

Five of Australia’s waste management and recycling heavyweights have joined forces to establish a new organisation to champion the industry.

Cleanaway, JJ Richards, Remondis, SUEZ and Veolia have agreed to form the National Waste & Recycling Industry Council (NWRIC), which will act as the industry’s national policy-setting body.

An open invitation has been extended to other waste and recycling companies with a national presence to join the Council.

The group will represent the interests of companies involved in waste management and resource recovery activities across Australia, covering all aspects such as waste collection, storage, transfer, sorting, treatment, processing and disposal. 

“We need an organisation to truly represent the interests of the waste management and recycling industry and look at multi-jurisdictional matters but one that can also deliver strong state based advocacy,” said Council representative Max Spedding.

“The NWRIC will truly be the national voice of the waste and recycling industry bringing together all players, big and small, to positively advocate for our sector,” he added.

Despite being an essential service and a significant contributor to Australia’s economy, waste management has largely been dependent on regional efforts, lacking national representation.

As a national body governing waste management issues, the NWRIC is seen to develop a national agenda for best practices, and strive for more united legislation governing waste and resource recovery in Australia.

It also aims to enhance waste and recycling industry representation in each state and special interests areas, with representative positions on the Council to be offered to state and specialist organisations.