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Partisanship on recycling must end - ACOR

The Australian Council of Recycling (ACOR) has welcomed the Queensland election result but has said that bipartisanship over recycling policy must end.

ACOR's comments come in reference to the Queensland election victory declared by Labor on Saturday, with the party poised to overhaul the State's resource recovery policies.  

In response to the change of Government, ACOR CEO Grant Musgrove said the potential for the return of a landfill levy and the fruition of Labor's proposed container deposit scheme were the major policies of commercial significance for the industry.

"A welcome change will be the end of Campbell Newman's disastrous greentape reduction program, which created an uneven playing field by rewarding rogue operators," Musgrove said, noting that ACOR endorses Labor's recycling platform.

In regard to a landfill levy for Queensland, Musgrove said ACOR members supported it - but it was contingent on the level of hypothecation offered by government - with an unhypothecated levy amounting to little more than a tax on a green collar industry.

Musgrove also noted how the Newman Government had sold the "gold plated" IT system that administered Queensland's previous levy, and described how the implementation of a new levy will be complex and time consuming.  

However, beyond Labor's existing policy platform Musgrove described a large issue for industry was the partisanship over resource recovery policy which continues to plague the industry.

He said that without bipartisan support for recycling, industry can't invest the hundreds of millions in new infrastructure needed to increase resource recovery rates.

Or worse, pendulum policies stemming from partisan politics means industry "ends up with stranded assets ... we've got to stop the politicisation of our industry."