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Stepping into e-waste recovery?

Stepping into e-waste? Applied Machinery can provide you with the right tools to turn waste electronics into value.

While e-waste recovery markets offer some challenges, recently this emerging market has offered several promising signs. For example, the world’s largest scrap metals processor, Sims Metal Management, reported that e-waste recovery was its fastest growing and most profitable division in 2015.

Meanwhile, both State Governments and the Commonwealth Government are stepping up to support this important marketplace. In Victoria, the State Government has promised a ban on e-waste from landfill - one of the strongest regulatory steps possible.

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth Government has promised to increase the national e-waste recovery target to 50% by 2016 - which translates into an additional 32,000 tonnes of material.

The national analogue television switch off (which concluded in 2013) produced a boom in material for processors. With technology moving quickly, what will be next?

Applied Machinery can assist you in stepping into e-waste markets

On the ground, organisations looking to step into e-waste markets, or process existing e-waste stockpiles need the right technology to get the job done. Applied Machinery, based in Melbourne, is offering consultation to organisations looking to step into e-waste processing.

  • For Local Government - Applied can supply machinery tailored to help with onsite e-waste recovery at transfer stations, including machinery specific to different e-waste types like whitegoods, TVs and computers.
  • For industry - Applied can supply industry best practise e-waste processing lines which will ensure profit from every tonne.
  • For social enterprise - Applied can help with mechanisation, which will be critical to ensuring your organisation stays profitable and competitive, turning waste into wages.

Applied Machinery’s e-waste recycling solutions include solutions which can help to process refrigerators and other white goods, cables to remove valuable copper, end of life IT hardware (included hard disk drives) and even printer and toner cartridges.

For more information, contact Applied Machinery.