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Transpacific offers upgraded Erskine Park proposal

Following community consultation - Transpacific Industries has promised to an upgraded transfer station proposal for Erskine Park.

The announcement follows long held plans by the company to turn its current Erskine Park landfill site into a transfer station, with the landfill slated to close in 2016.

In December 2014, the company submitted plans for a major transfer station and MRF for the site, with plans to employ 110 staff.

Now, following community consultation Transpacific said it has upgraded its proposal to go "beyond legal environmental requirements".

“We have been in Erskine Park for more than 18 years, and this new project will ensure that we remain here, bolstering employment, boosting the local economy and providing a vital service,” said Cleanaway NSW manager David Clancy.

“This is the reason we have set ourselves a ‘design standard’ with regard to odour control that goes above and beyond what’s required by law.”

Clancy said the regulation ‘compliance standard’ allowed for odour limits to be exceeded for a small percentage of the operating time.

“But we have recognised that this is not acceptable to the community so we have taken steps to address this.”

Specifically, Clancy said plans had been made to ensure:

  • At full capacity, odour from the facility will be contained well within the industrial area and will not exceed the regulation ‘compliance standard’ at any residential locations.

  • Compliance will be achieved through fully enclosing the building and transferring waste off site each day.

  • Monitoring within the first 12 months of operation will be used to validate odour modelling predictions performed during design and be used to ensure that all odour management measures achieve our stated objective. This will be subject to an independent audit to be approved by the Department of Planning and Environment and EPA.

Following the construction of the transfer station, Transpacific said it anticipated submitting a planning application for the MRF in 2016.