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Perth’s DiCOM AWT plant in voluntary administration

One of Australia’s most innovative AWTs, the DiCOM plant designed by AnaeCO in Perth, is in voluntary administration.

Contracted to treat was produced by the Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC), the DiCOM plant was retroactively fitted to a transfer station to treat MSW sourced from the WMRC region.

Now the Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC) has said the companies associated with the DiCOM AWT Plant known as Brockwaste, have been placed into voluntary administration.

Chinese firm acquires majority interest in AnaeCo

A signed agreement will result in a Chinese envirotech company acquiring majority interest in AnaeCo Limited, subject to shareholder approval.

The deal provides Xiaoqing Environmental Protection Technology Co Ltd. (XEPT) with 55% controlling interest in AnaeCo, with XEPT purchasing part of AnaeCo’s $16.54 million loan owed to Monadelphous Group Limited (MND) at converting it to equity.

AnaeCo’s WA facility ready for handover

AnaeCo will handover the operation of the Shenton Park energy recovery facility following the project’s completion.

All parties agreed to modified terms for completion and will exit the facility on 15 April 2016.

Handover will commence after AnaeCo and venture partner Monadelphous complete a short-list of tasks and demobilize from the facility.

Second ERF Auction announced

The Clean Energy Regulator has announced it will hold the second Emissions Reduction Fund auction on November 4 and 5.

“We are making this announcement today as the volume of projects registered in July indicates sufficient market readiness for a second auction,” said Chloe Munro, Chair of the Clean Energy Regulator.

“With a growing number of methods available and a large number of new project registrations, we are confident the second auction will attract strong competition.”

Quantum Power begins NSW biogas installation

Southern Meats sheep processing facility, in Goulburn NSW, is the site of Quantum Power Limited’s 10th biogas project in Australia.

The project will generate 1 MW of renewable energy, by converting the organic load from the wet waste stream produced by the facility, into biogas through anaerobic digestion.

The biogas will then be refined and used as a fuel for the renewable power station to be constructed on site.

The anaerobic digestion system and biogas fuelled power-station will take approximately six to nine months to construct.

AnaeCo begins renewable energy production

WA's unique AWT AnaeCo has begun renewable energy production via grid connection.

Located at the JFR McGeough RRF waste transfer station, AnaeCo is run on behalf of Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC).

In June, the facility was granted approval by Western Power, allowing for permanent connection to the electricity grid of the 1.2MW combined heat and power gas powered generator.

When running at full capacity, the AnaeCo plant can produce biogas containing 1,200 tonnes of methane per year.

Mornington explores AWT, landfill expansion

Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula has released its recovery strategy, amid the imminent closure of its local landfill.

A popular weekend location for Melbourne's affluent, the Mornington Peninsula has a population of 153,000 (2014) and therefore a municipal waste material generation of around 70,000 to 100,000 tonnes per year.


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