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#landfill diversion

Educating for recovery

Long term environmental protection requires more than just resource recovery, it also requires cultural change.

Australia has more than 500 active landfills, and hundreds more which are closed and require remediation. The vast majority of these landfills are owned by local government, meaning that in many cases, the long-term burden of remediating these sites falls to the communities in which they operate.

TIC opens Australia's first automated mattress recycling facility

The TIC Group has opened Australia’s first automated mattress recycling facility in Tottenham, Victoria.

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio inaugurated the new facility, which uses state-of-the-art technology from the Netherlands to recover valuable materials from old mattresses.

“This new facility is giving us new opportunities to divert thousands of mattresses from landfill and make the most of this important and growing waste stream,” she said.

Victoria’s draft 30-year infrastructure plans offers recovery insights

Long term waste planning is an important part of Infrastructure Victoria’s new draft 30-year state infrastructure strategy

The draft document contains 134 infrastructure initiatives over the next three decades that will support Victoria’s continued growth and development, as well as funding recommendations.

These projects include construction, policy and regulatory reforms as well as recommendations on transport pricing, described as one of the most needed.

Planned micro WtE facility in Victoria receives funding

A planned waste to energy facility for six central Victorian councils will receive $125,000 in funding from the State Government.

Hepburn Shire will receive $50,000 from the New Energy Jobs Fund to develop a final business case for a micro-waste to energy power station.

The remaining $75,000 will be sourced from round two of the Collaborative Council - Sustainability Fund Partnership Program, which earmarks $300,000 for Victorian councils working in groups to develop business cases or undertake feasibility studies.  

Soft Landing launches WA facility

Award-winning mattress recycler and social enterprise Soft Landing has officially launched a new mattress recycling facility in WA.

The facility, located in Wangara, is expected to divert over 30,000 mattresses from landfill in WA each year, as well as provide employment opportunities for underprivileged residents.

Western Australian Waste Authority chairman Marcus Geisler led the facility’s launch, accompanied by Soft Landing’s partners including employment providers at Work Australia.

Plastic to fuel facility planned in Canberra

Green energy firm FOY Group is planning to construct a facility for converting non-recyclable plastics into liquid fuel in Canberra.

The environmental impact statement (EIS) for the project is currently under review by the ACT Government. With public consultations open until 23 September, FOY Group aims to have the facility operational by next year, once approved.

Bendigo launches kerbside collection service

A new kerbside collection service for food and garden waste has been launched in Bendigo, in a bid to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Some 40,000 Bendigo households will have access to the service, which is funded with $500,000 support from Sustainability Victoria.

According to Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio, the service will help divert more than 12,000 tonnes of food and organic waste from landfill each year.

GT Recycling wins APC funding

Plastic packaging in Victoria finds new life with recycling, thanks to the combined efforts of industry and government.

Victorian companies are working with Sustainability Victoria (SV) and the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) towards sustainable packaging projects, hoping to increase recycling rates and reduce packaging waste.

APC Chief Executive Trish Hyde said the APC was funding new recycling projects. To date, two projects involved in recycling flexible plastics will receive $848,130 in joint funding.


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