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Perth’s DiCOM AWT plant in voluntary administration

One of Australia’s most innovative AWTs, the DiCOM plant designed by AnaeCO in Perth, is in voluntary administration.

Contracted to treat was produced by the Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC), the DiCOM plant was retroactively fitted to a transfer station to treat MSW sourced from the WMRC region.

Now the Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC) has said the companies associated with the DiCOM AWT Plant known as Brockwaste, have been placed into voluntary administration.

Educating for recovery

Long term environmental protection requires more than just resource recovery, it also requires cultural change.

Australia has more than 500 active landfills, and hundreds more which are closed and require remediation. The vast majority of these landfills are owned by local government, meaning that in many cases, the long-term burden of remediating these sites falls to the communities in which they operate.

Resourcing Australia’s first landfill alternative

Port Stephens was Australia’s first region to invest in a landfill alternative - has the gamble paid off?

Nestled between Newcastle and Myall Lakes, Port Stephens is home to iconic tourist destinations including Birubi Beach and Nelson Bay, along with plenty of boat ramps, holiday parks, national parks and the impressive sand dunes of Worimi Conservation Lands.

Bendigo launches kerbside collection service

A new kerbside collection service for food and garden waste has been launched in Bendigo, in a bid to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Some 40,000 Bendigo households will have access to the service, which is funded with $500,000 support from Sustainability Victoria.

According to Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio, the service will help divert more than 12,000 tonnes of food and organic waste from landfill each year.

Chinese firm acquires majority interest in AnaeCo

A signed agreement will result in a Chinese envirotech company acquiring majority interest in AnaeCo Limited, subject to shareholder approval.

The deal provides Xiaoqing Environmental Protection Technology Co Ltd. (XEPT) with 55% controlling interest in AnaeCo, with XEPT purchasing part of AnaeCo’s $16.54 million loan owed to Monadelphous Group Limited (MND) at converting it to equity.

NSW offers new resource recovery exemptions for onsite organics

The NSW EPA has issued a series of Resource Recovery Exemptions for new onsite organics processing technologies.

Resource Recovery Exemptions are legal orders which mean that companies can undertake a certain resource recovery process without holding an Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) or paying the NSW Waste Levy.

Victoria - energy, organics key to emissions reduction

Victoria’s latest Climate Change Review is likely to boost organics recycling and energy recovery, and could affect future licensing of putrescible landfills.  

This week the Victorian Government offered both a very ambitious and very distant target - net zero emissions by 2050.

More specifically, the Victorian government has committed to releasing a Climate Change Framework by late 2016, setting up interim emissions reduction targets (ERT) through 2020, and legislating the next review of the Act in 2026 and 2036.

City of Cockburn begins kerbside garden organics rollout

WA’s City of Cockburn’s has begun the rollout of a garden organic service aimed at covering 29,000 properties by 2020.

All residential properties over 400m2 in size will receive the extra bin, intended to complement the existing yellow-lidded 240L recycling bin. Rural, multi residential, commercial and industrial properties will be exempted from the project.


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